Sunday, June 8, 2014

The lost wallet is back !

Many thanks to CJ and the staff at The Lord Kingsale in Kinsale for returning Dad's wallet.  I remember the night so well when it went missing ...a late night phone call from Dad, some frantic phone calls from me to stop credit cards/debit cards, Dad stopping off at the police station to report it lost/stolen and then he continued his cycle ride around Ireland and we never expected to see it again.

A random email out of the blue saying a wallet had be found behind a couch (so much for spring cleaning !) and a few weeks later the wallet, cash, credit/debit cards, driving licence, and house keys are back home !

Here is the photo The Lord Kingsale posted on their facebook page of the wallet on it's way ...

Returning a customer's wallet, some four years after he had the misfortune of losing it whilst visiting us! I blame those cleaners........ 

Thanks again guys 


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The lost wallet

Just received a random email out of the blue. My Dad's wallet that he lost back in September 2010 while cycling around the coast of Ireland has been found!  I remember the night so well. Dad ringing late on asking me to stop his cards and of course he'd changed banks and the information I'd got wasn't right. Spent an age battling with the "data protection" idiots!
I even wrote about it on his blog

He even reported it to the police the next day and I wrote on there " .... don't expect we'll see the wallet again "
Well hopefully the wallet (still with cash and cards) will shortly be on it's way home!
It pays to keep the same email address ....

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A round up of 2013

I haven't been keeping up with the blog ... in fact my Dad has even started nagging me about it, I know, Dad nagging me!  So thought I'd give you a round up of 2013.

23rd February - 23rd March. Dad had a month in Vietnam. I did blog about that and the trip started here.

He then had a coach holiday to Scotland with the LDWA in April. Again I managed to blog about that here.
Towards the end of April he had a week camping at Ashburton in Devon at the check point for the LDWA 100 mile walk. This was followed by a week camping on Dartmoor.

In late August/September he had a couple of weeks away with the Hanliensian Ramblers. First week they stayed at Al Pigher near Selva in the Dolomites. The second week they stayed at Ischg in Austria in the Jagerhof hotel. They did some walking, sightseeing and a bit of cycling.

Late September Dad had another trip with the LDWA camping in St Davids, South Wales.  October he headed up to the Newlands Valley in the Lake District for a week .... luxury this time as they rented a cottage!

During September Dad has, in his words, "gone off the pace" both on the bike and walking up the hills. It turns out he has had some issues with his heart, or as Dad puts it he's "got a dicky ticker" !  He's had many tests at the Drs and at the hospital. He's been wired up, they've x-rayed, photographed, scanned and monitored. He's back seeing the specialist at the end of the month when hopefully they'll come up with some solutions but until then his waistline is expanding, he's getting restless and he's even thinking of walking with me at my pace !!

So for the start of 2014 not much planned yet. Hopefully that'll change over the next few months.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas

We're still here ... the months seemed to pass by so quickly and I never got round to post anything and before you know it's Christmas Eve! 

So Season's Greetings ... hopefully will update before the New Year.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lake District

Dad has had a couple of days in the Lake District. Yesterday he cycled part of LEJOG with Jacob and Charlie. They are cycling to raise funds for the air ambulance. Dad stopped just south of Gretna Green (think he was worried he might say "I do" at the wrong time!) and the lads carried on to Bonnie Scotland. Dad did around 35 miles, but the lads were aiming at 70 miles. Weather wasn't great, some rain and a head wind. Not good for cycling.

Today he has had a day out with his friends along the Solway coast. Brilliant weather.

Tomorrow he is heading back to Scotland to stay with a friend at Oban.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A quick pit-stop

Dad came home last night. Had a good journey back but it was just a quick pit-stop and he was off again today just after lunch. This time he's heading for the Lake District for a few days and then back up to Oban. He's hoping to catch up with Jacob who is currently cycling Land's End to John O'Groats and raising funds for the air ambulance. Here is Jacob's just giving page.  This time Dad has packed his bike and he's hoping to maybe cycle a few miles with Jacob tomorrow.

Dad will head up to Oban probably Tuesday/Wednesday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

An update from bonnie Scotland

Spoke to Dad on Thursday. They'd had a day walking. They'd set off from the hotel and did around 10 miles with quite a bit of ups and downs round the hills (or are they classed as a Munroe!).  They'd spotted a herd of deer. Weather had been mixed with rain the morning and a sunny afternoon. 

Food still good in the hotel. On Wednesday evening Dad had had soup followed by gammon and pear and ice cream for desert.  They'd had a couple of musicians as evening entertainment which Dad had said were very good.
The shower in the room isn't working so well, so they've been having a bath. I'd bet if Dad had got his tools he'd been sorting out that shower!

The plan for Friday is walking. Probably catching the bus out to somewhere and then do a walk.


Well Friday was a walking day. Weather has been pretty good. Couple of hail showers but other than that the sun has been out. Mountain tops have snow on them.  The coach trip today was to Fort William so Dad and few others got dropped off and walked along the West Higherland Way. They did around 11 miles. The coach then picked them up on the way back through from Fort William.

On the menu tonight for tea is haggis - well you can't have a trip to bonnie Scotland without sampling haggis.  The entertainment is a piper, so definitely a "Scottish" theme tonight.

They head back home tomorrow. Bags need to be outside the room by 6.00 am (I'd be tempted leave mine out tonight!), breakfast is 7.00 am and then they're on the road by 8.00 am.