Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NHS Strike

I'm wondering if this is why Dad's op got cancelled today (NHS Strike) ...apparently they were behind schedule on operations yesterday so they've been moved today. If they are working to rule on a four day week (and I don't think they usually do operations on Friday) it's no wonder they've said it could be a couple of weeks!

Update on the Op ...

A quick update, the op is off for the moment. They (the hospital) are running behind schedule today, so will finish off tomorrow. So Dad has been postponed. It maybe next week now or the week after !

Dad is now the cleanest man is Stoke-on-Trent with an empty fridge !  So he's of to do the weekly shop. We'll keep you posted !

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Packing his bag ...

Dad won't know until after 2.00 tomorrow if he's going in Wednesday (if there is a bed) or early Thursday morning but he's getting himself sorted.

He's washed his new PJ's .... I knew buying them for his birthday was a good idea and sorted out some reading material.

He's having to wash daily with some special soap from the hospital. He's even got some gel for his nose which the first time he used it he tried to apply in his ear - don't ask !  He said he thought it was tricky trying to get gel in his ear !

Today it's a visit to the dentist as he needs his teeth checking prior to the op.

So hopefully tomorrow afternoon we'll know if there is a bed available.

Will keep you posted ...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A date for the Op !

Dad has had a phone call just before lunch.... he's off for his pre-op today and going in next Wednesday 15th for the op on the 16th October. All happened pretty quickly.

Will keep you updated on the blog ...

Birthday Celebration

Many thanks to family and friends who came to Dad's 80th Birthday celebrations last night. Good to see so many people celebrating with Dad.  Dad requested no presents instead donations to the Dougie Mac. He raised a total of £404 so many thanks to everyone who donated to a great cause !

and here is a short video (can't post the other as Blogger says it's too big!)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

A quick update ... and birthday celebrations !

Dad is still waiting to get his "dicky ticker" sorted. He's had many tests, seen various consultants and surgeons over the months and  hopefully in the not too distant future he'll get his op !

This week Dad has a BIG birthday coming up ! On 7th October Dad will be joining the octogenarian club. Don't tell him I've told you, he's trying to keep it quiet !!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The lost wallet is back !

Many thanks to CJ and the staff at The Lord Kingsale in Kinsale for returning Dad's wallet.  I remember the night so well when it went missing ...a late night phone call from Dad, some frantic phone calls from me to stop credit cards/debit cards, Dad stopping off at the police station to report it lost/stolen and then he continued his cycle ride around Ireland and we never expected to see it again.

A random email out of the blue saying a wallet had be found behind a couch (so much for spring cleaning !) and a few weeks later the wallet, cash, credit/debit cards, driving licence, and house keys are back home !

Here is the photo The Lord Kingsale posted on their facebook page of the wallet on it's way ...

Returning a customer's wallet, some four years after he had the misfortune of losing it whilst visiting us! I blame those cleaners........ 

Thanks again guys