Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the weekend

Well Dad had a little walk along to the Drs yesterday. Took his time but he made it there and back ! Said it was cold though. This ain't cold this is fairly mild ! I gave him a call in the afternoon and I got no reply, a bit of panic sets in but I left it 10 minutes and tried again. I'd only managed to catch him in the shower :)

Today he's had his shopping delivered with my Asda online shop so I've been and dropped that off at his this morning and put it all away. His shopping cost a fraction of my weekly shop ... I'm blaming my cat for his expensive tastes !

This morning I've been to visit my Mum in the home, so Dad tagged along for a visit, a chat and a cup of tea! He usually visits Mum once a week and he's not been since before his op so she was really pleased to see him.

Mum with her frame that Dad "customised" with her name and the fairies have put tinsel on it overnight ! 

Dad has also caught up reading this blog.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Three Weeks on from the op ...

Well it's been three weeks since Dad had his op and just over a week since he came home. Been a stressful few weeks but hopefully we are now over the difficult part. Dad is doing good, he gets tired but that's to be expected after such a big op.

We still "check-in" by phone several times a day and I call in on my way home from work.  Dad also gets regular visitors and phone calls from his friends as well.

Dad has been out for a couple of pub lunches this week. On Wednesday he went out with a friend and they headed over to a pub in Market Drayton and even though Dad had said before he'd not got much of an appetite he did manage to polish off steak pie and pint! Today he's been out to The Mainwaring Arms and managed polish off another hearty meal and a pint ! So much for not having much of an appetite !

I've been dropping him a newspaper off on my way to work and he's also been reading his books, so with that, his visitors and trips out he's been keeping himself occupied. He's hoping to go for a little walk tomorrow, just to the end of the street as he has a Drs appointment. I've told him he must carry his mobile phone and an "In Case of Emergency" note with my contact numbers on ! What's the betting he forgets both !

Monday, December 15, 2014

The last few days

Well Dad has been home a few days now. I've had to keep my distance as I've had the lurgy and haven't wanted to give it Dad. We ring each other several times a day and I've nipped in briefly a few times. He's doing ok. He gets very tired so spends his day reading his book, having a sleep, watching TV, having a sleep and still manages a good 10 or 11 hours sleep at night. They do say sleep is a great healer !

He says he's lost his taste buds so doesn't fancy anything ... I'm tempting him with things and he keeps saying "nah don't fancy that". He's got a box of Thorntons that someone has bought for him and he says even chocolate tastes funny - how can chocolate taste funny !!! I've told him that it will come back in time.  I've offered take him the pub one night and I know his friends have said the same but he says he doesn't fancy a beer yet ! This will probably be the first alcohol free Christmas he's had in many years !

He's not really been out yet, other than nipping round a neighbours. He did announce this morning that he'd thought about going to Newcastle on the bus today !!!! Errrr I don't think so. He said "I was going to tell you before I went", like that makes it alright ! I've told him he needs to start off slowly. A walk around the cul-de-sac, a walk to the newsagents, and then slowly build up to walk to the village ... not first time outing a bus trip into Newcastle.

Many thanks to those that ring and call to see Dad. 

I will continue to update the blog on Dad's progress, just might not be as often as I was doing before. Dad hasn't read any of what I've been writing about him yet. It'll take him a good while read through it all.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

There's no place like home !

There is definitely no place like home and Dad had a good nights sleep in his own bed. He did say his feet where cold though and he had to get up and find some socks! I let him lie in and he called me when he was awake (about 9.00 ish). Didn't stop me worrying if he was ok though. I rang him just before lunch and then popped round this afternoon. He is doing ok but needs to take it easy for awhile.  He was sorting through all his post - lots of Get Well cards as well as Christmas cards.

Two weeks ago I was worrying as he'd not got back from theatre until late but I'm so pleased I'm not doing hospital visiting tonight as it's a cold and wet miserable night.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

He's home !

Collected Dad from the hospital tonight. Why they discharge people at 7.00 pm is anyone's guess ! He survived  the journey from the ward to the car in one of those hospital chairs with me "driving". If he wasn't pale before we set off, he was by the time we got to the car.  They say "oh it's easier to pull it along". Yes that may be but not with Dad in the chair and two bags hanging off the side of the chair. Struggled getting through the doors until someone came to my rescue. I did think I might just "charge" through them like on Casualty but then I remembered that is with one of those trollies and not a chair !

He got discharged with more drugs than Lance Armstrong ever had in his possession. I'm sure if the UCI turn up at Dad's to do a random drug test, he'll never get his racing licence renewed ;)

We stocked up with essentials on the way home - milk, bread, bananas and a pack of scones. I did drive slowly past The Smithy and asked him if he wanted to nip in for a swift half but apparently Wednesday aren't that busy.

He was glad to be home and was soon settled in front of the TV, remote in one hand and the phone close by the other. I was soon shown the door but with a promise that he checks in at least a couple of times tonight. I've already had one phone call. Nice to see the phone flash up "Dad Home" when it rings.

He needs to take it easy for a few weeks and not over do things but home is definitely a better place to recuperate.

The staff have been great on Ward 223 looking after Dad. Early days he got told off for trying to do something so I asked him tonight if he ever pressed his button to get help or assistance and Dad so no as he didn't want to bother them !

Thanks again everyone. Give Dad a little time and I'm sure he'll be back to his old self again soon.

He's coming home !

Got a phone call earlier from Dad to say they are letting him home tonight !

Off to collect him at visiting time. Seems an odd time to me to be coming home. Just hope he's had his tea.

He'll need lots of R&R (rest and recuperation) and I just hope he doesn't try to run before he can walk. Give him a few days and I'm sure he'll be up to the odd visitor or two. I would imagine he'll tire quickly so if he tells you "bugger off .... " I suggest you do sharpish :) I've whopped up his central heating, he'll be having palpitations when he sees the gas metre ticking round :)

Again, many thanks for all the good wishes, visits, support, cards, etc. It helps loads.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's nearly been a fortnight !

Spoke to Dad at lunchtime. He's been for a CT scan this morning. They got him up at 6.00 am and wheeled him off. The Drs have been round and they want to do some more physio on Dad so he's there for another night at least !  I asked if he needed any more clothes (he'd dropped his dinner down his trousers yesterday!) and he said no as he'd managed to swill his trousers in the sink and then hung them over the chair to dry!

He's still got his slippers and they've been on their maiden voyage to the toilet this morning.

Been to visit tonight. Dad is on good form. I asked if he'd any more news and he said no. He's not had any physio yet either. He did say that the Drs turned up when he was in the shower this morning, so when he got back to his bed there was two Drs, a staff nurse and a nurse waiting for him ! Of all the times Dad has to go and take a shower !

Dad said it's been a good day. He's had a few visitors this afternoon so many thanks for cheering up his day. He's almost finished his book and there's footie on the TV tonight.

The bed opposite Dad in his bay we call the "unlucky" bed as there have been at least four or five people in that bed who have not made it to theatre as their op has been cancelled at the last minute and have then been sent home. There is a different man there tonight, he almost made it to theatre today but they postponed his op as they found a complication before they started. If you ever get admitted to Ward 223 and get bed 30, don't bother cancelling your paper as you'll be back home for the morning !

Today's photo is the corridor from the other end ... the only difference is that the signs now say "way out" ! See you thought I was joking when I said I never see another soul in the corridors !